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Eye Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Eye Exercises for Healthy Eyes

An increase in computer usage, watching TV, and exposure to pollution have tremendously affected our eyes even though we may not realize. The need for eye exercises is not only to heal eye problems but also to keep our eyes healthy. You don’t need to churn out hours for doing these eye exercises, instead, try to remember and imply them while relaxing in office or during your leisure hours or maybe anytime and anywhere you want.

Let’s have a look at those eye exercises that would keep your eyes healthy.

Best Eye Exercises for Healthy Eyes


This is a relaxation technique for eyes. So do it whenever you are sitting idle or have been exhausted by seeing your computer screen. Rub your palm against each other until they warm up. Rest your elbows on a table and cup your eyes with your palm, with the fingers facing your forehead. Breathe while covering your eyes. Make sure your eyes are not in contact with your inner palm. Keep your eyes covered for 5-10 seconds and repeat the exercise 3-4 times.


Focusing could be done for three reasons – for more precise zoom and to improve near and far vision. Focus on your index finger without looking anywhere else and bring the finger closer to your nose without shifting your focus. Move your finger back and forth 2-3 times.

The second exercise is to focus on a very close object (10 inches) to your eyes and on another object that is very far, about 10-20 feet away. Look at the nearer object first, take a deep breath, and then focus immediately on the distant object. Repeat this about ten times.

Eye Tennis

So here you play tennis with your eyeballs. Amazed right? This is how you do it. Keep your head still. Look on the left side as far as you can, then gently swing your eyeballs to the right and look at the right side. Follow the same by swinging your eyeballs up and down. Other movements are: rotate your eyeballs in a clockwise motion and then anticlockwise motion. Repeat each exercise 10 times.   

Figure Eight

Your eye muscles become intensely flexible with this exercise. Have you ever imagined drawing the numerical 8 with your eyeballs? If No, then try out. Please do not do it in haste; make your eye movements slow. Rest for a few seconds after tracing one set of 8 and then repeat for 5-6 times. 


Your eyes relax when you blink, and this exercise must be religiously practiced by those who need to sit before computers for hours after hours. Start blinking to de-stress your eyes. To begin with- blink every 3-4 seconds for 5 minutes, consciously. Then look at your computer for the next half an hour, keeping your blinking activity normal. You will surely feel the difference. Your eyes won’t feel heavy and stressed anymore. 

The Slalom

This exercise is funny but indeed healthy for your eyes. Keep your head still and shut your one eye (e.g., left eye). Now, look diagonally upwards to the left with the other eye. Focus for a few seconds and then move your eyeballs diagonally to the bottom right to get a vision on the right-hand side. Repeat the same with the other eye. Now open your eyes and do it with both the eyes. Before you end the exercise, focus on an object placed between the center of your eyes, and take a peripheral view of it. This completes your exercise.

You will reap the benefits once you start doing the exercises. Start it right now for healthy-looking and beautiful eyes.

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