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How to Flatten Your Abs

How to Flatten Your Abs

That wash-board belly she flaunts in her bikini is too tempting to turn your heads at her. And you wish, “only if I too was blessed with it”... So you think her flat belly is God gifted? Wrong! It has taken some right amount of sweat to get that perfect shape.

We tell you five remarkable ways to flatten your abs and get rid of your love handles.

Exercise 1: Whole Set of Crunches

Regular crunches: 

Lie flat on the floor and bend your knees. Raise your head and interlock your hands behind your head. Raise your upper body as much as close to the knees. Feel the pressure in your tummy.

Bicycle Crunches: 

Lie down on your back. Now position your hand and head just like explained above. Bend your left leg first and release it in the air. Do the same with the right leg. Move your legs in the same manner as bicycling. Bring your knees to close your chest.

Reverse Crunch: 

The basic posture is the same as a regular crunch. What you need to do is, raise your head to touch your left elbow to your right knee. Perform the same with the other hand. It will be a criss-cross move.

Exercise 2: Leg Raise/Hip Raise

Take an extended bench as the prop and lie down on your back over it. Now raise your legs in the air without folding at the knees and then lift your hips. Hold on your breath for 10 seconds in this position. Bring down your legs gradually on the floor and breathe out.

Exercise 3: Ab Workout on a Crunch Ball

You can do a versatile range of exercises on a crunched ball. You need to support your back on the ball and keep your knees bent. Balance your body with your feet. When you are comfortable, try the crunches we have explained on the ball. Working out on the ball flexes your muscles more. 

Exercise 4: Captain’s Chair

Captain’s chair is an excellent workout for abs. Sit on a sturdy chair. Keep your hands aside and get a tight grip on the edge of the chair with your palm. Lift your feet from the ground, about 2 inches. Then exert pressure on your hands to lift your hips and crunch in your belly as much as possible. Hold on your breath in this position.

Exercise 5: Torso Track

If you’re going to the gym, don’t forget to work out on a torso track machine. Grip the handles of the device. Contract your abs as you move forward while exhaling. Release your abs only while moving backward.

Note: Repeat the moves 10-15 times every day. Take help from your trainer while using machines or any other exercise props. Keep breathing during the exercises.

Remember that your diet must also be synonymous with weight loss. Avoid alcohol and carb-loaded foods. Focus mainly on the ab exercises as well as do cardio regularly for at least half an hour.And soon you will have a beautiful flat belly that you have longed.

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