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Best Workouts for Couples

Best Workouts for Couples

Despite knowing the immense health benefits of exercise, we are often not so keen to do it. This happens mainly due to laziness, lack of sufficient time, and, of course, motivation. So we have come up with a brilliant idea - to exercise together as a couple. When you work out with your husband or wife, the experience is a lot more fun than hitting the gym alone with all reluctance.

Furthermore, this way, you spend more time with each other, strengthening your bond and making you happy. To keep your spirit alive, you can challenge each other and reap the benefits together. 

Let’s have a look at those awesome workouts for couples.


Crunches A sexy way to get on doing infinite no of crunches is when your partner supports your feet and pulls you forward. So how do you do that? You lie down flat on your back, allow him to stand on your feet, and let him hurt you towards him. Enjoy it without feeling a pinch of cramp in your tummy.

The Lap Exercise

Another sensuous exercise you can try out with your love hunk is the lap exercise. Let him sit on a chair, and you step ahead of him. Support your hands on his knees, and you do the squats. Interesting, isn’t it? You can flip positions after repeating them 10-15 times. You strengthen your triceps as well as your calf muscles with this exercise.

Hold and Lift Weights

The monotonous sessions of weightlifting sessions can be made exciting and passionate when you do it together. Stand behind your partner and extend a little support to his hands while lifting heavy weights. Try this and see the difference in your energy and enthusiasm to exercise.

Hi-Five Push-ups

Sounds interesting. This is how you do it. Lie down on your side facing each other. Now raise your right hand and let her raise her left hand. Give a high-five and stick your palms. Support your body with the other hand in that position and lift your body sideways. Swap positions and repeat with the other hand.

Jog Together

Jogging is fun when you have company. Squeeze half an hour from your hectic schedule and make it a point to jog together. You are bound to enjoy it. Wear funky sports gear and be the best-dressed jogging couple. Enjoy the freshness in the air and the company.

Partner Yoga 

Partner yoga is highly in trend these days. You will be taught various postures that boost your health and improves your sexual life also. Attending partner yoga classes is one of the best workouts for couples. So join a class and enjoy the yoga session.

Dance Together

If both of you love dancing, why not join salsa, tango, or jazz classes together? These dance forms are ideal for couples. You will not only learn and enjoy dancing, but at the same time, your body will be fit, agile, and flexible.

Various exercises have motivated you a lot. Also, remember that you don’t have to step into a gym to do the stretching, lifts, and push-ups; instead, try at home during your flexible hours. Motivate each other and say, “let’s rock it.”

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